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Banky W Reveals He’s Taking Time Off Music To Focus On Movies

A few weeks ago, bald headed R&B crooner, Banky W told his
fans that he would be taking some time off music and now,
he has revealed what his next artistic interests are. The self
acclaimed Mr Capable revealed to HipTv that he would be
delving into movie acting and directing. He said, “I’m getting
into movies now. You are going to see me star in a couple of

The 35 year old star told Channels TV in March that he was
considering taking a break from music to settle down and
build a relationship with someone. He said, “Living an
artiste’s life does not lend itself to (kind of) working on a
relationship. It’s tough,” adding, “It’s something that I
actively (really) want to do, so I want to take some time off,
after I’m done releasing this music and touring, I want to
take some time off.”

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